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Want to join the Formaliti’s Reseller program?

Have clients who are asking you about better workflow, more efficient ways of working or cloud services? Looking for complimentary products to provide to your clients?

Formaliti partners with organisations that resell and refer our products and services. As a turnkey service, many of our clients success stories have come from face to face consultative sales and support in such areas as:

  • Paper Workflow
  • Digital Form Design
  • Setup
  • Training
  • Rollout Planning
  • Processes Change
  • Cloud Software Integration

Where resellers are having these discussions with potential clients, sales and adoption rates increase. We are experts at helping our clients get up and running with e-signatures and digital forms, and also at supporting our resellers in helping their clients.


What does our reseller program look like?

To its accredited resellers, Formaliti offers:

  • Attractive commissions and sales payments structure
  • Special rates on internal use
  • Product and sales training
  • Workshops
  • Lead referral

The lead referral program is an enormous benefit to our partners as it puts you in front of clients who have come to Formaliti looking for our solution to secure document signing and need to discuss all of the supporting elements that enable them to make the move to electronic documents.

If you’d like to discuss our reseller arrangements call us on 1800 765 804 or fill in our contact form.


Reseller FAQs

Why does Formaliti operate an accredited Authorised Reseller Program?

To ensure that Formaliti clients purchase our electronic signature software from qualified and reputable resellers capable of delivering the level of service and support that helps our clients successfully adopt the new technology. We’re about a long term, sustainable relationship with both our clients and resellers and achieve this through careful selection of the right partners.

How does the lead referral program work?

It works in two ways:

  1. Formaliti receives direct enquiries requiring face to face interaction. We refer those leads to authorised resellers located closest to the enquirer.
  2. Formaliti is often able to track how clients were referred to us. If the referral came through an existing client, the reseller will be referred the new lead.
Can we sell Formaliti products to anyone, anywhere?
Yes. This is not a licence or franchise and there are no boundaries on who authorised resellers can sell to.
Can we sell Formaliti products online?
You may list Formaliti amongst your existing product mix. Specific sales or setup of portals to sell Formaliti online would need to be approved on an individual basis.

We can provide individual landing pages to our resellers.

How do we apply to become an Authorised Formaliti Reseller?

Click here to register your organisation’s interest.