Software Features and Benefits

We built Formaliti with our customers in mind

Formaliti will improve the way you do business. Here are some of our key product features, what they mean to you, and reasons why we know you will love them.

Electronic Signatures

The ability to sign documents on any device, anywhere, anytime, with no need for printing, scanning or posting. Signers simply click on a link in their email to access the documents.

For you it means you’ll accelerate the signing process and improve customer experience with immediate access to electronic forms. Reduce transaction costs through lower paper, printing and archiving.

Send To Multiple Signers In One Go

Send a document to multiple signers at the same time. Everyone can sign and complete the documents in their own time and you’ll know who has done what.

This means that no person is waiting on another to complete their part of the document and the tracking means you can see who has signed and who you are waiting for.

Forms Can’t Be Returned With Missing Information

Before you send out a document for signing you can set Required Fields so that a signer can’t send them back without completing those parts of the document.

For you this means this saves a lot of frustration as documents can’t be filled in without all fields being completed.

Touch to sign electronic forms
Automated reminders and document workflows

Legally Compliant Tracking of Document Activity

Get a real time view of all your outstanding forms. The Audit Trail and Time Line is legally compliant tracking of all your documents.

Our customers love this because they can see real time if the document has been sent, opened (and how many times), returned and also downloaded. This really helps customers track their work and give gentle nudges to their clients if necessary.

Tamper Proof Documents and Audit Trail

Secure encrypted storage and transport of document data linked to an automated Audit Trail of all activity that cannot be tampered with guarantee the integrity of your signing transaction. You can also control fields that the signer can access which protects any data you’ve placed into the document.

This means peace of mind knowing that your document integrity is maintained.

Anyone Who Needs A Copy, Gets It Automatically

Pre-set workflow so that any person or group automatically receive copies of all forms as soon as they are completed.

You will love this because you won’t have to worry about missing documents or people in the workflow not being copied in. Copies of forms will end up where they need to be – without you lifting a finger.

Send or Receive Forms With Attachments

You or your signers can add attachments to any for you send them. Photos, resumes, ID cards can all be added online with the form that the signer sends to you.

For you it means that documents that require additional information to the signed form can be saved and completed in one transaction. No chasing up additional details! And your customers will love the ability to add everything at the same time.

Formaliti Will Remind Your Signers Automatically

Ever need to follow up people, reminding them to sign or chasing them for missing forms or details? Every form you send has automatic reminders if the signer hasn’t completed it.

You’ll love the set and forget reminder service because it removes one more item from your to do list by automatically prompting your customers to get the document back to you.

Edit Document Details on the Fly

Ever sent out a form that has needed to be changed once it’s been sent or received a form back that has mistakes and needs to be redone? Formaliti allows you to change details of your documents even after they’ve been sent for signing. It also allows a review before it’s finalised so that you can correct mistakes or ad missing information.

This feature is really popular because of the flexibility to manage documents on the go, and correct them instantly if a mistake has been made. This one feature alone could save you hours per transaction!

Pre Filled Templates

Formaliti allows you to create an unlimited number of pre filled templates which are fantastic for forms that you use all the time.

You’ll love how the Templates give you the option to control information in your documents and give you the flexibility to change it at any time rather than having to reload a brand new form.

Automated reminders and document workflows
Cloud document storage and access


All Your Documents, Ready To Go In One Place.

Your form library gives you total control of your electronic paperwork. Add as many forms as you like ready to be used and organise your forms into categories or create time saving pre filled templates.

For you it means improved control, quality and consistency of your paperwork and contracts by ensuring everyone uses approved and up to date documents. It means you can release updated copies at everyone and there are no rogue copies sitting on laptops that you have no control over.


It’s in the Cloud – Any Device, Any Where, Any Time

Formaliti is online. There are no apps to download, no software to install, and any device that can surf the web will get you access.

Your customers will love how easy it is to sign and return your business paperwork and documents. The professional image it sets for you keeps your brand flying high.

Secure and Searchable Storage

Formaliti includes unlimited capacity to store your signed documents. We take storage and security of your data seriously with 256bit encryption in transit and world-class secure server infrastructure. Documents saved in Formaliti are stored for as long as you are a subscriber.

You will love the peace of mind Formaliti gives you knowing that you have bank level security and redundancy protecting your important information.

Enhance Your Branding

Documents are sent with your branding which means that your customers know who it is coming from and associate you with the latest technology.

Your business image will be supported the enhancement and professional support your brand receives through sending documents in Formaliti.

Full Service – We’ll Manage Your Forms For You

Unlike most software in the cloud, we offer a full service to set up and manage your forms as well as ensuring your workflow is setup and that you can use the software.

Our customer support starts the moment you send us your forms. We have a specialised team that will set your documents up online. We’ll review them, and even design them if you need us to. Training, rollout planning to users and integration services ensure you get started successfully.

No Lock in Contracts

With Formaliti you can add, modify and delete users as you need to. We won’t lock you in!

Bank level security and customer support

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