A common question about online electronic signature is, are they secure? A better question might be, how secure are your paper-based signatures? The problem with paper is that it has no built-in security features. They get passed around and touches many hands. They get left on printers. And they get left on desks.

Electronic signatures have some built-in security features that many times make them more secure. To even view a document you must be given access to it. You need to log into the system to view it. And when a user does log in to view the document, there is a record of that.
Employment Agreements

Think about the last time you had to sign an employment agreement. Often times that document includes sensitive information such as your salary. Traditionally those documents were printed out, sometimes exposed on shared printers. Those documents are then faxed back to the new employer which could also be a shared resource.

If the same document was shared and signed electronically, the process would look very different. The only people that would be given access to the document could be the hiring manager, possibly an HR manager, and the potential employee. The document is also electronically filed so that it can be easily stored and brought back up without sitting in a file cabinet.

Doctors Office
Now consider your normal trip to a doctor’s office. As soon as you get to reception, they hand you a clipboard and paper forms to fill out. You also need to sign those forms. Those forms are then placed back on the reception desk. As those documents travel through the office, they can be exposed to countless eyes.

There could be a lot of benefits if those documents were electronic. One, it gets us one step closer to full electronic medical records. Two, the forms could potentially be filled out ahead of time or right on a smartphone or tablet at the office. Those documents would also be more secure. They would not be laying out on the reception desk and only approved people could access them.

These are just two examples of how Formaliti Online Signature can be more secure than paper-based documents. There are countless examples of this. Think about the documents that you are asked to sign throughout the week as well as the forms that you use at the office. I am sure you will find plenty of examples of how electronic signatures can be more secure, while also improving productivity.


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