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Testimonials and Case Studies

How has Formaliti helped our customers?

“It’s going to save you time and money”


Rob Tocco

IP Business Centre – IT and Telecommunications

Rob uses Formaliti to sign sales docs on the spot, automate his sending of documents back to the office so he doesn’t have to drive to hand them in and as a sales tool to give him access to all product documents. Using it as a sales tool has helped him sell more because he has had access to sales contracts that he would normally not have printed with him in the client’s office. His biggest benefit has been making more sales.

To watch Rob’s short video interview and find out how he finds using Formaliti click here.

 IT and Telecommunications

Joey Birch

Joey Birch

Globe Group - Recruitment and Labour Hire

Joey and his team took on Formaliti to expedite and streamline their client documentation and employment contracts.


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Neil Frame

Neil Frame

IP Business Centre - IT and Telecommunications

Neil took on Formaliti to eliminate the problem of lost paperwork. His team of Project Managers now have much better access to their documents.  Formaliti really simplifies his technicians work load. Neil and his team of field technicians are now converts and have completely transferred their paperwork online.


To watch Neil’s short video interview and find out how he finds using Formaliti click here.

Rob Ceccato

Rob Ceccato

Global Food and Wine - Food Service Industry

It was the endless manual processes that prompted Robert to think about going digital with his paperwork. Since implementing Formaliti his staff are being paid on time, every time. He is also able to track the status of order forms and use our system to send automatic reminders when tasks haven’t been completed.


To find out how Rob uses Formaliti within his business click here.

Tracy Gunther

Tracy Gunther

The View - Accommodation Rentals

Tracy had a business colleague suggest she use Formaliti to reduce time spent chasing paperwork. Tracy is now one of our most long standing customers and continues to tell others about how Formaliti has given her back valuable time she can now spend on more important pats of her business.


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Heidi Loomes

Heidi Loomes

The Helensvale Group - Operations Manager

Heidi led the change from producing thousands of forms every month to very limited use of printed documents across the business.  They’ve now almost halved their paper consumption, sped up service provision, decreased error and redo rates dramatically and improved customer service in the process


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