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Neil Frame

IP Business Centre – Telecommunications

What’s the business you work for and what’s your role?

My role is the technical manager for a company called IP Business Centre which is a part of The Helensvale Group.

How did you get people to sign forms before Formaliti came along?

We just had docket books, some various of docket books depending on what the technicians were doing at the time. So, if it’s an installation, they would have one book to sign and vice versa for service calls.

The business took on Formaliti a few months ago, how did you go changing to it form paper based signing?

Well, it was fairly simple, I think. We just waited, we were running out of docket books anyway. We’re taking on the Formaliti product and a little basic training from you guys. And the boys were up and running.

Have you got any specific examples of it working for you?

Absolutely. I think first off when the technicians leave sites we had to remind them to get the paperwork back into the office. So whether they get it back at the end of the day or log on the main platform to fill in and take notes. So from a customer point of view things were being actioned straight away now. So in another words, if there was additional works to be carried at, or if there were faults, or when revisits needed, there could be actions literally before the technician walks out of the door.
From an office point-of-view, great because we would be receiving the docs and the girls could then action everything they needed to action within minutes of the technician leaving site.
From business point of view, it is completely just revolutionised the way we do things

How about the rest of your team, have they started using it and have they had the same experience as you?

Yeah. You know when you take on something that is new, everyone is a little dubious; everyone is a little bit, “Oh. Is this gonna work?” And as far as the technicians…the feedback I’ve had from them has been great. You know, it’s actually simplified what they do because they used to fill out a docket form and they still have to input the information into the main platform and for our records on our network. So now they are just copying and pasting instead of writing all the forms and having to retype them all. So from that point of view they are very happy with the product.

What would you say to anyone who was part of a team adopting Formaliti?

I’d say absolutely. I think it is a fantastic product. I think it streamlines the way we do things. It’s convenient for the office staff, it’s convenient for the technicians, and it’s convenient to the customers.