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What’s your business and what’s your role?

Globe Group – Delivering Workforce Solutions. Globe Group provides specialised and personalised labour hire and recruitment solutions to the following industries:

  • Building & Construction
  • Building Services
  • Civil Construction
  • Mining & Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Landscaping

Who uses forms in your organisation?

Currently Formaliti is used to approve Client Contracts and related paperwork. Going forward we plan to expand this use to include Finance applications, Occupational, Health and Safety forms and Employee Registration forms.

What was the problem with using paper based forms and documents?

Paper based forms are problematic when a potential Client requires paperwork to be urgently approved and they are out on a jobsite and unable to access a printer and scanner or fax. Using Formaliti has enabled our Clients’ to respond quickly and effectively with little disruption to their schedule. It accelerates our ability to close business and in turn improves our bottom line.

How does Formaliti change the way you manage your forms?

Formaliti enables us to centralise storage of original and signed documents as well as streamlining document management processes. This improves our quality control and ensures that all documents are consistent and presented professionally. The audit provides assurance that our Clients’ have accessed the required documentation and the review and return process is underway.

How does Formaliti solve your document / signature management?

Formaliti has greatly improved our Client documentation process, enabling contracts to be sent and authorised quickly which is critical in our business.

What’s the main thing you got out of changing to Formaliti?

An efficient and streamlined approach to managing signed documentation.