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Rob Ceccato Global Food and Wine
What’s your business and what’s your role?

My Business is Global Food and Wine and we’re a Food Service importer and distributor with 7 branches all over Queensland. It’s a family business with about 180 staff and I’m the General Manager.

Who uses forms in your organisation?

We have a lot of forms. From our delivery drivers to our sales reps, purchasing and also the forms we send internally – like HR and time sheets.

What was the problem with using paper based forms and documents?

At first it wasn’t immediately obvious. We’ve been going for over 30 years and a lot of our systems work just because that’s how we’ve always done it. But when I spoke to Craig and we started looking at how we could save time or make sales and orders faster we found a few areas that we could get going on straight away. One form was the time sheets. We have about 30 sales reps across the state and every week they have to fax us their time sheets. This was a bit of a pain for payroll so we put the time sheets into Formaliti and started sending them out to the reps that way. The second form is our account application and credit form. We’d often not get a signed copy back from a client and this was a real problem if they became a bad debtor which happens in our industry. So we put the application forms into Formaliti as well.

How does Formaliti solve your document / signature management?

We can send the time sheets out and Formaliti automatically emails them a reminder as we get close to the date they need to be returned. That’s a great help and time saver rather than payroll having to follow them up. The sales reps also complete them on their iphones which is really handy – they don’t have to print them out and find a fax to send them back either.

The credit applications on Formaliti allows our sales reps to know that the client has at least opened the form. Then they can follow up and say we haven’t got it back. If the clients tells us they didn’t receive it we either just resend it in Formaliti or we can refer them to the message we sent them by the date and time. That is really handy for our sales reps and if they’re away someone else can also follow up for them.

What would you say to any Business Owner thinking about adopting Formaliti?

Start small. We’re going to expand our use of it and if we thought about it being a big project we wouldn’t have even started with one form. Craig worked out a way for us to stat with one form. At first we didn’t get it going but then we started coming to him with questions about what else we could do. Now our use is growing and we still have a way to go but we’re changing the way we’ve managed our paperwork for the last 30 years one form at a time and that’s a speed that we can handle the change.