Over the last decade, we’ve been hit with an overwhelming offering of new technologies and their accompanying buzzwords (integrated multi-platform functionality, anyone?). While some technologies left as fast as they arrived, the rapid adoption of cloud-computing has seen it move from a much-hyped tech buzzword to a mainstream business necessity.

In Australia alone, over 80% of businesses now rely on cloud-computing models*. An organisation’s move to the cloud is no longer just about improving their underlying IT infrastructure; there are undeniable benefits for the business as well. If you’re not part of that 80%, now’s the time to get your head in the cloud and reap those benefits. Here are eight silver linings of cloud-computing you simply can’t ignore:

1. REDUCE YOUR COSTS – Reduce your spending on expensive systems and equipment by using the resources your cloud service provider offers instead. Plus, if time is money, you’ll save bucket loads when you use a service like Formaliti that cuts down the time you have to spend on manual tasks, such as paperwork.

2. ENABLE DATA SECURITY – While you probably have insurance for your business premises, what about the data you rely on to run it? If a natural disaster hit or user error meant important files were deleted, would your data be secure? Having your data in the cloud ensures it is backed up and protected.

3. RESPOND TO YOUR CUSTOMERS’ DEMANDS – With over 90% of people owning more than one digital device, mobility is changing the way we work and access information. Business and consumers are demanding freedom from transaction slowing devices like printers, scanners, faxes (yes they still exist) and even waiting for the arrival of your friendly neighbourhood courier man!

4. ACHIEVE MORE SALES – Online forms and electronic signatures enhance the efficiency of communication between businesses and their customers, which increases the turnaround time of sales and new orders. It’s a win-win! From cleaning companies who receive faster orders because they can send images and forms to be signed quickly, through to telesales teams who are equipped to take customer signatures directly on their smartphones, cloud services enable sales!

5. GO REMOTE, GO MOBILE – Do you have employees working from home, in different locations or on the go? The cloud allows your team to set up a virtual office anywhere, anytime on any web-enabled device.

6. REDUCE PAPERWORK & INCREASE SUSTAINABILITY – Adopting a cloud-based model brings everything online, which in turn will reduce paperwork. Formaliti was designed to take the pain of manual paperwork away from your business, saving you time and energy. (Check out these tips on going paperless).

7. BE FLEXIBLE – The direction of your business can change rapidly. If you have to scale up or down at a moment’s notice, the agility of a cloud-based model offers the flexibility to do this without serious financial or human resource consequences.

8. ENCOURAGE COLLABORATION – Do you have multiple employees that need to access, edit and share the same documents, at the same time? Cloud-based services encourage collaboration, allowing multiple users to access documents at the same time and easily share edits both internally and externally, ensuring version control and saving time.

The cloud is no longer simply an IT opportunity – it’s a business opportunity and, increasingly, a necessity. The question has changed from “Should I adopt a cloud model?” to “Which cloud model should I adopt?”.


Where to from here?

Adopting a cloud-based service, such as formaliti online signature, is the perfect first step to ensure you keep up with the digital revolution. Formaliti is all online. There are no apps to download, no software to install and any web-enabled device will get you access. We know it’s daunting to take the plunge into something you can’t see or touch, which is why we provide continuous support and training until you become an expert.  With the right help, it might not be as hard as you think and I bet there are more benefits than you imagine! Don’t risk falling behind. Get your head in the cloud today.



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