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Take away the pain of getting forms filled in and signed.

If you’ve had enough of chasing paperwork and chasing people to fill in and sign forms, then Formaliti was designed for you.

What is Formaliti and how does it help businesses like yours?

Formaliti is an Electronic Signature and Digital Document service that makes your documents available online, ready for completion and signing.

TO YOU it means faster sales, cost and time savings, improved quality and compliance, and complete control and visibility over your paperwork.

TO YOUR CUSTOMERS and signers it means hassle free and immediate access for document completion, without the need for printing, scanning, faxing, posting or delivering.

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What are electronic signatures and digitial forms?

Electronic Signatures are a legally compliant way to have your customers, suppliers, staff and colleagues sign your business paperwork.

Digital forms and paperwork are just your documents, available online, securely stored and accessible, ready for sending, receiving and signing, anytime, anywhere with no need for printing, scanning or posting.

The most used features and benefits.

Electronic Signatures

The ability to sign documents on any device, anywhere, anytime, with no need for printing, scanning or posting.
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Tamper Proof Documents and Audit Trail

Secure encrypted storage and transport of document data linked to an automated Audit Trail of all activity that cannot be tampered with guarantee the integrity of your signing transaction.
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Legally Compliant Tracking of Document Activity

Get a real time view of all your outstanding forms. The Audit Trail is legally compliant tracking of all your documents.
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Forms Can’t Be Returned With Missing Information

Set Required Fields into any document so that a signer can’t send them back without completing those parts of the document.
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Send To Multiple Signers In One Go

Send a document to multiple signers at the same time. Everyone can sign and complete the documents in their own time and you’ll know who has done what.
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Anyone Who Needs A Copy, Gets It Automatically

Pre-set workflow so that any person or group automatically receive copies of all forms as soon as they are completed.
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Which businesses benefit from the transition to Electronic Signatures?

Our most successful customers have time sensitive sales documents that result in increased revenue as a direct result of getting documents signed and returned quicker. Industries and Departments with paper intensive processes and high volumes of documents and workflows such as Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Human Resources and Professional Services tend to have the best return.

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