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Tips, Tricks and Other Musings

The Impact of Paper Consumption on the Environment

Recycling is important! And while recycling does keep paper from the landfills, it doesn’t necessarily save the environment. Paper can’t be recycled indefinitely and there will always be a need for wood pulp to be added to the recycling. Understanding the disastrous... read more

Stop wasting time!

Surprising Stats about efficiency and paperwork management in your office. Ever wondered what your paperwork and information clutter and chaos is costing you and whether the value of becoming more organised is worth the effort? Here are some surprising stats on how... read more

6 Essential Meetings for your Business

We’re busy. Sometimes really busy. And with that comes the potential to just mindlessly do do do. Because of this, the planning in a hectic growing business can sometimes be replaced for simply keeping up. However, if we want to do more than stay afloat, it’s crucial... read more


How strategic procurement partnerships can help get what you need.. In an earlier blog post, we explored how digital technologies are disrupting the way we do business. One of the main areas technology is forcing business owners to re-assess, is their procurement... read more