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Take away the pain of getting forms filled in and signed.

If you’ve had enough of chasing paperwork and chasing people to fill in and sign forms, then Formaliti was designed for you.

What is Formaliti and how does it help businesses like yours?

Formaliti is an Electronic Signature and Digital Document service that makes your documents available online, ready for completion and signing.

TO YOU it means faster sales, cost and time savings, improved quality and compliance, and complete control and visibility over your paperwork.

TO YOUR CUSTOMERS and signers it means hassle free and immediate access for document completion, without the need for printing, scanning, faxing, posting or delivering.

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What are electronic signatures and digitial forms?

Electronic Signatures are a legally compliant way to have your customers, suppliers, staff and colleagues sign your business paperwork.

Formaliti put your hard copy paperwork online so that you can send, sign, receive and store documents in one secure and easy to manage location.

Our top features and benefits we know you’ll love.

Electronic Signatures

The ability to sign documents on any device, anywhere, anytime, with no need for printing, scanning or posting.
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Automatic Signer Reminders

Ever need to follow up people, reminding them to sign or chasing them for missing forms or details?
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Support and Training

We live and breathe customer service. Our customer support starts the moment you send us your forms.
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Attachments can be added to any document sent and signed through the system.
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Audit Trail

Get a real time view of all your outstanding forms. The Audit Trail is legally compliant tracking of all your documents.
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Automated Workflow

Pre-set a person or group to automatically receive a copy of a finalised (completed) form.
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